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Day trips and multi-day excursions

Jinja and the nile region

Just over the border into Uganda’s eastern region lies Jinja, on the banks of the Nile River. In fact, the source of the Nile begins in Jinja—which every local is proud to claim. Once a British colonial outpost, Jinja has now become the adventure capital of Uganda. The town has a friendly, laid-back feel and is a popular landing place for ex-pats of Europe and America. Jinja is approximately a 2 hour drive from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

what to do

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Jinja’s Nile River is the place to raft, boat, swim, and bungee jump. There are a variety of campsites and lodging facilities all along its banks, and plenty of picturesque areas to picnic or hike.  Downtown Jinja has craft markets, coffee shops, and a handful of good restaurants to grab a bite to eat. This entire area is fertile, lush, and full of banana, coffee, tea, and chocolate plantations. Talk to us about setting up a full day (or two!) of fun!


Mount Elgon/sipi falls

Mount Elgon and the spectacular Sipi Falls are located on the Kenyan border in Eastern Uganda.  There are three waterfalls that cascade from the cliffs of Mount Elgon, but the most famous and stunning of them is Sipi Falls.  A visit during the rainy season ensures an experience of the falls at their most powerful, and the surrounding forests at their most lush. Hiking and touring the local coffee plantations are the most popular activities to do in this area.


what to do

Hiking up the mountain and to the falls requires visitors to be in good health and condition, as the trails (though well-maintained) are quite steep in certain areas. However, th view from the top makes all the effort worthwhile—on a clear days, you can see much of Uganda from the summit! Another popular activity in this region includes visits to local coffee plantations, where you can get first-hand experience picking your own berries, shelling them, roasting them over an open fire, and grinding them with a mortar and pestle. You then get to have a glorious cup of local Arabica coffee, and leave with a bag of coffee to take home. 


Visit the equator

No trip to Uganda is complete without a stop at the equator! Located along Masaka Road in the town of Kayabwe, the equator remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uganda. Snap a photo at the iconic equator circle with a foot in each hemisphere, peruse the craft shops, and have a Rolex and a cup of coffee at the café on site. The equator is a perfect stop along the way to Queen Elizabeth, Mbarara, Lake Mburo, or several other destinations you may want to visit.


what to do

In addition to shopping for handmade crafts at the equator, make a roadside stop along Masaka Road for utility baskets of every kind, hand-woven by local artisans. You’ll find these baskets are of highest quality for a price you won’t believe! If you’re interested in music or are looking for an amazing gift or souvenir, visit one of the drum shops in the area as well. These are quality instruments, and the shop owners will tune your drum for you and teach you how to care for it afterwards.




Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, is a destination of its own. There’s so much to do and see, you can easily create a multi-day itinerary just for the city alone. Whether it’s history, culture, great food, or shopping, Kampala has it all. Ask your knowledgeable guide for recommendations on the best places and the must-sees!

what to do

Take in a show at the Uganda National Theatre or the Ndere Centre, shop at one of Kampala’s many malls, craft markets, or street markets, visit Lake Victoria, or tour the many historical sites in the city—the possibilities are endless! Your JK guide will recommend the best of what you are looking for.

There’s so much to do and see in Uganda, we can’t possibily list it all here!

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